Innovative JTB-LA channel for fastening without anchors for façade construction and in precast concrete elements

The new Jordahl JTB-LA channel with perforated anchors for attaching trapezoidal sheet metal, approved by the German Institute for Construction Engineering (DiBt), enables reliable transfer of forces into precast elements of low thickness. The new channel, thanks to its special configuration with lateral profiling, enables transfer
of forces into the concrete without deeply embedded anchors.
A variety of constructions can be flexibly flush-mounted with self-tapping drill screws in a single work step, without causing damage to loadbearing concrete elements.

In view of the current and future increasing use of lightweight construction elements and their potential for saving material and resources, the new channel offers great freedom of design and dimensioning. In addition to transfer of forces with less material and more flexibility in assembly, precast concrete elements can moreover be produced with thinner dimensioning, since minimum concrete cover above physical anchors is no longer required.

Assembly in the precast plant takes place in the usual manner. The JTB-LA channel without anchors can be attached either directly to the formwork or embedded into the surface of the already cast concrete. Positioning of the anchorless JTB-LA channel, moreover, is considerably more flexible and requires less complex planning, since overlapping between physical anchors and reinforcement is precluded.

The load-bearing capacity is verified in accordance with the general building approval Z-21.4-2148


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