Durably good fastening system

Philipp considers itself successful with its permanent fixing system (PB system), which has been on the market since mid-2021, developed for solutions that enable long-lasting fastening of elements and connection constructions of all kinds of precast components as well as of in-situ concrete components. One of the key advantages here is that the design is based on Part 4 of Eurocode 2, the current standard for anchoring fastenings in concrete – which previously, however, was not standard practice everywhere.


Free-of-charge software and suitable accessories

The ETA-approved system continues to convince users, despite its simplicity, with its numerous small details that enable utilization for a wide range of applications – making it suitable for universal use. Here, according to the manufacturer, the solutions often yield enhanced design results: for example geometrical characteristics such as a larger foot geometry and partly also greater embedment length. An adapter disk for optional use for deeper installation demonstrably facilitates shear design, according to Philipp.

The combination of threaded sleeve and hexagon screw, consisting of five different sizes (RD12-30), is suitable for all fastenings in (non-)reinforced and (non-)cracked normal-strength concrete (C20/25-C50/60). It is simple and quick to design with Philipp Phixation software, available free of charge. Suitable accessories for installing both the anchors and the elements to be fastened round out the offer for permanent solutions.


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