Solutions for window and door fastenings in concrete sandwich slabs

A newly developed anchor allows quick and easy fastening without thermal bridging

 Many an engineer in the concrete industry found the well-known problem of window and door fastening in concrete sandwich slabs a hard nut to crack. Solutions made of steel or plastic materials were constructed and tested, discarded again and newly designed once more. There were, however, thermal bridges again and again or simply inadequate strength. In the end, the solution was again the usual version of fastening with wooden wedges. So far, there was no really reasonable and useful solution available.

The Freudlsperger company now succeeds in designing a fastening anchor that is suitable for this specific problem. The anchor is manufactured by an especially developed fiber-glass reinforced plastic alloy and serves for fixing doors, windows and façade elements in the region of insulation material of concrete sandwich walls. Already in the manufacturing process, the U-shaped anchor is cast in the parapet of the concrete element. Handling and processing are quite easy.

Borings and the angular shape of the plastic anchor provide for a reliable fixing in concrete. In this way, there are plastic...

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