Connection technique for precast concrete elements

Philipp Power Duo System

The Philipp company has launched a connection device with German national technical approval. Connections requiring approval, in which the Philipp Power Duo System can be applied, are wall connections having a bracing effect and are, e.g., affected by wind pressure and/or earth pressure.

The new system consists of a storage case with shear dowels and a number of wire rope loops (Fig. 1). The wire loops are manufactured of galvanized steel wire ropes pressed with a clamp at the end. The loops are folded in a storage case during shuttering. Thus, the folded loops are protected when concrete is placed while the pressed end is the anchorage in the hardened concrete.

After concreting of the precast elements the storage cases are opened and the loops are folded out. If the precast concrete elements are mounted appropriately, the loops are overlapping each other. A longish...

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