Reliably sealed

Elements for controlled crack joints used for wall elements

The “Fradiflex element for controlled crack joints” of Frank GmbH precisely produces and controls the shrinkage cracks needed for cast-in-situ concrete walls and precast wall elements and seals the same reliably. The quick and easy mounting of the element for controlled crack joints ensures an efficient construction progress.

The inherent stability allows efficient mounting by pressing on at the base sealing, by securing them with the aid of two clamp straps as well as by using special fixing loops at the upper ends of the wall. There is no need for applying an intermediate fixing thus eliminating any drilling or other mounting work. This ensures an efficient construction progress without the disturbance of any mounting work or reinforcement work to be undertaken.

In combination with the Fradiflex metal waterstop for the wall head, which is fixed with the aid of the “Fradiflex mounting clip for the wall crown”, an...

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