New building with SynkoElast and crack control profiles

Efficient basement waterproofing of residential and commercial buildings is one of the strengths of the well-proven SynkoElast joint tape and the SynkoElast crack control profile made by B.T. innovation GmbH. The construction method combining in-situ concrete ground slab with both element walls and in-situ concrete walls benefits from the flexibility of the system and provides for reliable waterproofing of the building shell against pressurized water.

The new residential and commercial building in Magdeburg‘s „Domquartier“ has been completed quite recently and the new tenants are moving in. On the first floor of this new, beautifully situated building complex there will soon be a café, a restaurant and various businesses. The upper floors contain apartments located centrally around the cathedral and provide underground parking lots for the tenants.

Double wall elements with crack control profiles

During the construction of a new residential and commercial building in Magdeburg‘s „Domquartier“ at Breiten Weg, the construction company Toepel Bauunternehmung GmbH as well as their site manager, Mathias Kluge, and the site foreman, Andreas Akkermann, were faced with the following challenge: From October until December 2017, prior to the start of threatening frost, the basement walls should be erected on an in-situ concrete ground slab covering approx. 1800 m². The ground slab of the building comprised two sections with different heights; the lower underground parking area and the area situated about one meter higher with basement spaces for the tenants. In October 2017, the two height sections of the ground slab were cast in two sections with waterproof in-situ concrete. Here, the well-proven SynkoElast was directly inserted in the fresh in-situ concrete as a roll product in order to seal the construction joints between the two areas of the ground slab as well as between ground slab and walls. The great advantage of this construction method with SynkoElast compared to conventional metal waterstops is the fast installation without any auxiliary materials. This neither requires any minimum concrete covers, nor minimum spaces to the reinforcement because the internal sealing tape being insensitive to rain does not swell.

The basement walls were erected in two sections using different methods. In October 2017, at first, the basement was erected in the lower area of the underground parking lot, using the element walls consisting of double wall elements. For this purpose, the protective foil of SynkoElast was removed only shortly before installing the double wall elements on the ground slab into which SynkoEast had been inserted. Then, the double wall elements were placed on the ground slab within two days. SynkoElast crack control profiles were inserted into the vertical joints between the double wall elements and connected to SynkoElast in the ground slab in the floor area. In this way, a closed sealing was realized with SynkoElast. In the basement area of the underground parking lot with the element walls, the concrete works were completed within one week after the double wall element had been filled with ready-mixed concrete.

Suitable for element walls and in-situ concrete walls

In the higher section of the ground slab with the apartment basements, the walls were primarily designed in in-situ concrete construction. SynkoElast was also used for sealing the joints between the ground slab and the wall elements. After the installation, the easy-to-use SynkoElast was insensitive to rain and thanks to the protective foil it was protected from dirt. Afterwards, the reinforcement and the formwork were installed. The vertical joints between the different construction sections were secured with the SynkoElast crack control profiles. For longer wall elements, addition crack control profiles were inserted to allow a defined crack formation and to seal it simultaneously. The SynkoElast crack control profile was again connected to the SynkoElast in the ground slab in order to ensure a closed sealing with SynkoElast. The construction of the apartments and shops situated above was partly carried out with ready-mixed concrete and partly with element walls.

Precast concrete floor slabs were placed on both sections, that is, on the element walls filled with concrete as well as the in-situ concrete walls. The ends of the SynkoElast crack control profiles protruded from the walls into the floors and were completely embedded with in-situ concrete as concrete topping of the lattice girder slabs.

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