Reliable waterproofing achieved at the precast plant in Colbitz: The SynkoElast joint tape in application

The SynkoElast joint tape of B.T. Innovation is a very useful utensil in the building sector for the reliable waterproofing of construction joints and controlled crack joints. This article is focusing on its properties and its successful application in challenging construction projects such as at the factory of PV Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH at the Colbitz site.


Versatile and efficient: The fields of application of the SynkoElast joint tape

The construction joint tape of B.T. Innovation opens up a wide range of fields of application thanks to its versatility and efficiency. When it comes to reliable waterproofing of construction joints in cast-in-situ concrete, between cast-in-situ concrete and already hardened concrete or even for sealing of controlled crack joints, this high-quality waterproofing tape proves to be a true all-rounder, according to the supplier. During curing of fresh concrete, the SynkoElast tape and concrete bond together mechanically. The reliable waterproofing system that is technically tested by building authorities ensures that water has no chance to ingress into the building structure and that joints are sealed securely and permanently.

From the planning to implementation, SynkoElast provides for effortless and fast installation without the need of additional tools or devices. Bends and tape extensions are very easy to form. The internal joint tape can be positioned and laid almost freely, which is a great advantage compared to other systems with larger minimum distances to the external wall.

The joint tape does not swell when in contact with water so that unfavorable weather conditions such as rainfall before the second, final concreting step will not lead to negative effects on the function of the seal. The joint tape is weather-, acid-, alkali- and salt-resistant. The technical test of the joint tape by building authorities stands for its reliability and guarantees a long-term and durable sealing.


Waterproofing of manhole elements at the P.V. Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH

P.V. Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH is a manufacturer of sewer and manhole elements made of concrete. Using the SynkoElast joint tape, construction joints between the base plate and the walls of these sewer and manhole elements can be sealed reliably.

An example for concreting and waterproofing is described below: In June 2023, works were carried out in the open-air concreting area of the factory in Colbitz at temperatures of approx. 25 to 28 °C. The production of the manhole element started with placing the formwork on the steel plate which was subsequently filled with fresh concrete. The concrete was compacted and smoothed by means of a concrete vibrator.

The decisive element for sealing the construction joint was the SynkoElast tape, which was placed in the fresh concrete. After forming the joints for an extension of the joint tape by laterally kneading it together, SynkoElast was pressed up to half into the fresh concrete, thus closing still existing gaps between the tape and the fresh concrete. After finally smoothing of all areas, the base plate could be left to its own resources for concrete curing.

SynkoElast proves its benefit in this project once again and provides a reliable and durable seal for a wide variety of applications in the construction sector. The successful waterproofing of the construction joint contributes to the quality and long service life of sewer and manhole elements and ensures that these building structures will meet the highest requirements in future, too.

Another example for the successful application of this innovative waterproofing tape is the new construction project of a residential and commercial building in Magdeburg‘s Domquartier district.

Successful application in a demanding new construction project

The ease of processing allowed the seamless waterproofing of basement walls, comprising of wall elements and cast-in-situ concrete. It was even possible to install the joint tape in unfavorable weather conditions, such as rainfall, without any problems. In combination with crack control profiles, it guaranteed waterproofing in a reliable and durable way. Due to the versatility of the SynkoElast joint tape and its outstanding properties, it has become an essential component of various construction projects in building construction and civil engineering.


Indispensable element for durable sealing

The SynkoElast tape of B.T. Innovation GmbH has proven its worth in various demanding construction projects as an indispensable partner. From efficiently waterproofing in the new construction of a residential and commercial building in Magdeburg‘s Domquartier district to the successful sealing of construction joints at the P.V. Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH precast plant, it demonstrates its efficiency and reliability. With its simple processing, its versatile range of applications and beneficial properties, the SynkoElast joint tape opens up countless possibilities in the construction industry. It contributes to guarantee the quality and long service life of building structures, while making the construction process more efficient and more effective simultaneously. Thanks to such successful results, it becomes clear that SynkoElast plays a key role in the modern construction industry.


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