10th company anniversary

Sealing technology from StekoX

 StekoX® GmbH underwent rapid growth since its foundation in 2000 and is by now one of the market leaders for sealing systems in concrete constructions. Aquaproof X® is the latest example of a waterproof construction joint.

The anniversary year of the internationally successful company was marked by a big party that the company threw for their trading partners, and the move into a new company headquarters of double the present size. StekoX® not only celebrates the successful conquest of the market with the right, innovative products and the individually adjusted service, but also that this strategy has steered the company through the global financial crisis. Additional further developments and a broader offering of services have contributed to this success, supported by the highly motivated personnel. For the...

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(10) WO 2013/064246 A2 (22) 3l.l0.2012 (43) 10.05.2013 (71) WOHLSECKER, Wilhelm, Bert-Brecht-Allee 5, 81737 München (DE). (57) In the previously employed methods for protecting joints of concrete...