Production line for preparing concrete blocks

(10) CN115091603

(22) 27.07.2022; (43) 23.09.2022

(57) The invention relates to the technical field of concrete manufacturing equipment, and provides a production line for preparing concrete blocks, the production line comprises a stock bin, a crushing mechanism, a stirring mechanism, a material tank, a pouring mechanism and a cutting mechanism through which raw materials sequentially pass, a screening mechanism is arranged between the crushing mechanism and the stirring mechanism, and the screening mechanism comprises a shell, a screen and a backflow pipeline; the screen comprises a first telescopic assembly and a second telescopic assembly which are perpendicular to each other, the first telescopic assembly and the second telescopic assembly form a closed-loop screen hole through a switching assembly, the first telescopic assembly comprises a first outer cylinder and a first inner cylinder, and the second telescopic assembly comprises a second outer cylinder and a second inner cylinder. The size of the sieve pores is adjusted by means of the movement of the first outer cylinder, the first inner cylinder, the second outer cylinder and the second inner cylinder; by means of the technical scheme, the problems that in the prior art, after raw materials are subjected to ball milling, the sizes of particles are still different ...

(71) Hubei Polytechnic University, CN


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