Strength detection device for concrete blocks

(10) CN116773347

(22) 18.08.2023

(43) 19.09.2023

(57) The invention relates to the technical field of concrete block detection, in particular to an assembly type concrete block strength detection device which comprises a rectangular plate, a sliding opening is formed in the upper end of the rectangular plate, a U-shaped frame fixedly connected with the rectangular plate is arranged above the sliding opening, and an opening of the U-shaped frame faces downwards. When the strength of the concrete block is detected, a pressure detection method is generally adopted, the concrete block is placed on a testing machine to be clamped and limited, pressure is gradually applied, and the change of the concrete block is observed, so that the method is high in flexibility and suitable for detecting the concrete blocks with different sizes, but only the overall strength of the concrete block can be detected; strength detection cannot be performed on the splicing part of the concrete blocks, so that the detection effect is reduced. The detection component adopted by the invention not only can be used for detecting the strength of the spliced part of the concrete block, ...

(71) Anhui Hongzhi Construction Group Co. Ltd., CN


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