Precast concrete wallboard structure

(10) CN114704025

(22) 23.03.2022

(43) 05.07.2022

(57) The invention relates to a prefabricated concrete wallboard structure, and belongs to the technical field of building wallboards, the prefabricated concrete wallboard structure comprises a concrete shell, a steel plate, a sound insulation assembly and a supporting mechanism, the sound insulation assembly is located in the center of the interior of a wallboard, the sound insulation assembly blocks sound transmission of spaces on the two sides of the wallboard, and the steel plate is located on one side of the sound insulation assembly; the supporting mechanism is located between the steel plate and the sound insulation assembly, the supporting mechanism is used for connecting the steel plate and the sound insulation assembly and meanwhile enabling the steel plate and the sound insulation assembly to form mutual supporting, and the steel plate, the sound insulation assembly and the supporting mechanism are completely wrapped with the concrete shell to form a wallboard model. And the effect of digging and decorating the prefabricated concrete wallboard within ktv is not influenced.

(71) Zhang Xueli

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