Method for making concrete and concrete structures having 3-dimensional carbon nanomaterial networks

(10) WO2022265952

(22) 13.06.2022

(43) 22.12.2022

(57) A method for making concrete and concrete structures includes: providing a liquid admixture with a carbon nanomaterial in a liquid aqueous or organic solvent/compound mixture, mixing the liquid admixture with cement and water in a dosage selected to form a concrete mix having a carbon nanomaterial structure having individual carbon nanomaterial particles with a unit cell overlap, and hardening the concrete mix to form a concrete matrix with the carbon nanomaterial forming a 3-dimensional carbon nanomaterial network incorporated into the concrete matrix. The 3-dimensional carbon nanomaterial network has a shielding effect against high frequency electromagnetic pulses and other radiofrequency signals.

(71) Eden Innovations Ltd [US]


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