Active waterproofing for concrete

Unique concrete admixture

 Schomburg ICS GmbH presented its Betocrete®-C Series, from now on consisting of three types, at bauma 2010 for the first time. The products serve as an integral waterproofing of concrete in contact with ground and water. The C series includes the world-wide one and only liquid, crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture being approved in compliance with EN 934-2. This is an effective answer to the issue of lump formation in concrete when adding powder additives of a similar kind.

Once the concrete has been used up in building in areas being in contact with ground and water, no matter whether the waterproof concrete basement system applied is a „black, white or brown tank“, the repair of cracks requires great effort and substantial expenses, particularly as water mostly ingresses into a building structure irrespective of the point of damage. The innovation of the Betocrete®-C series is therefore all the more important – the liquid, crystalline admixtures of the same are added to the fresh concrete and are latently acting until the end of the serviceability of the...

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