Method for making carbonated precast concrete products with enhanced durability

(10) US 2021/0380483 Al

(22) 20.04.2021

(43) 09.12.2021

(57) A method for making a carbonated precast con-crete product includes: obtaining a mixture including at least one binder material, an aggregate, and water; molding the mixture into a molded intermediate; demolding the molded intermediate to obtain a demolded intermediate, the demolded interme­diate having a first water-to-binder ratio; conditioning the demolded intermediate to provide a conditioned article having a second water-to-binder ratio less than the first water-to-binder ratio of the demolded intermediate; mois­turizing at least one surface of the conditioned article with an aqueous medium, thereby causing a weight gain of the conditioned article and providing a moisturized product, a first portion of the moisturized product having a third water-to-binder ratio greater than a fourth water-to-binder ratio of a remainder of the moisturized product; and curing the moisturized product with carbon dioxide to obtain the carbonated precast concrete product.

(71) Carbicrete INC, Montreal (CA)

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