Form bracket for concrete panel form

(10) US2023151622A1

(22) 06.01.2023

(43) 18.05.2023

(57) A form bracket for supporting a wall of a concrete panel form at a cas-ting slab includes a first planar member having a lower surface configured to engage a casting slab. A second planar member is coupled with the first planar member. The second planar member has a front surface disposed perpendicular to the lower surface of the first planar member and configured to engage a wall of a concrete panel form. In some implementations, the first and second planar members have different dimensions so as to be capable of being reoriented to accommodate different sized walls. A pair of support members extend between an upper portion of the first planar member and a rear portion of the second planar member. The pair of support members are spaced apart to define a void that is configured to matably receive a second form bracket in a stacked arrangement.

(71) CCS Contractor Equipment & Supply, LLC (US)


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