Precast reinforced concrete heavy duty retaining wall

(10) US 2020/0199841 Al

(22) 23.02.2018

(43) 25.06.2020

(57) A precast reinforced concrete heavy duty retaining wall comprises a precast concrete square face panel with integral four fins connected to the rear of facing and the end of each fin with integral regular octagon. A fin comprises a rein­forced concrete slab and having a substantially plurality of horizontal holes along each fin panel, used for inserted horizontal rebars into each hole, and bonded the vertical rebars to the horizontal rebars in each vertical channel. Designed the rebars by professional engineer. The upper surface of regular octagon of outer left and outer right having protude male interlocking and the lower surface of regular octagon, having female interlocking, the center are substantially opposite. The upper surface of face panel having a noch male interlocking, and the lower surface having a groove female interlocking, the center are substan­tially opposite. The side view at both left and right having grooves.

(71) Phiproei THOOPPHONTHAP, Amphur Pakkred (TH)


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