Modular precast concrete water storage device and system

(10) US 2021/0010255 Al

(22) 26.01.2020

(43) 14.01.2021

(57) A modular precast concrete structure system to form a modular precast concrete structure as a portion of a subsur­face storage basin is provided, the system including a concrete slab having a first edge and opposite second edge, and a first concrete side wall having an outer surface extending from the first edge substantially perpendicularly to the concrete slab, and a second concrete side wall having an outer surface extending from the second edge substan­tially perpendicularly to the concrete slab, the outer surfaces of the first and second concrete side walls being configured to be substantially parallel, each of the first and second side walls being configured with canted inner surfaces such that the first and second side walls taper in thickness away from the slab, and a plurality of footings each configured with a footing groove along an upper surface thereof ...

(71) Innovative Design Solutions LLc, Loudon, TN (US)


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