Reinforced wall face panel

(11) GB 2583136 A

(22) 18.04.2019

(43) 21.10.2020

(57) A panel for forming a face of an earth bank, e.g. at a roadside/bridge, the panel comprising a flexible attachment member embedded in a composite material, preferably concrete, forming the body 312 of the panel, an attachment portion 325a of the attachment member protruding from a first surface 318 of the panel for engaging with a support material 340 to which the panel is coupled in use. There may be two protruding attachment parts 325a/b, spaced apart on the surface 318, which may be a plastic, metal or composite mesh or grid. In use the concrete panel may be placed vertically into bottom soil 350, the support material, e.g. aggregate/cement, poured behind the panel with the attachment portion extending ...

(71) Geostone Limited Hughes House, Cargo Fleet Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 6AG, United Kingdom


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