C-ton Quadro concrete block from AHE actively stores CO₂

Innovation in harmony with nature has always been the guideline of the AHE corporate group. Now, the manufacturer of concrete products from Rinteln, on the Weser River in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany, brings an entirely innovative concrete block to the market – one that unites genuine material innovation and climate protection.

The addition of technical carbon makes the C-ton Quadro concrete block from AHE a genuine carbon sink. The greenhouse gas emissions generated during production are completely balanced by storing the carbon in the product. The use of recognized carbon capture technology succeeds in that external compensation does not take place – and that an innovative CO₂-saving raw material is used here for concrete production.

The patented C-ton technology in this way combines climate protection with modern and creative design possibilities in garden and landscape construction.

Intensive research and development

Intensive research and development in collaboration with other partners enabled AHE to optimize technical carbon for use in concrete products and to bring it to market maturity. The additive added to the concrete formula binds the CO₂ durably and creates a genuine carbon sink. This neutralizes the emissions of all constituents used in the concrete as well as in the entire production process.
By this method, the innovative concrete blocks save 100 % of the CO₂ that was released during production, including the greenhouse gas emissions from cement, and by maintaining the same quality and performance as conventional concrete blocks.

In addition to the noticeably improved environmental balance, the C-ton Quadro is on par with the reference products in terms of processability, load-carrying capacity and durability. It satisfies the standard specifications and at the end of its service life can be completely recycled. The C-ton Quadro concrete block can be processed in the same way as conventional blocks. The facing layer consists, as before, of the original material so that color and appearance are no different from the reference product.

C-ton Quadro in the color anthracite, 30 x 20 x 8 cm in size, is the first product variant of its family; other sizes are planned for 2025.

Concrete Innovation Group as license company

The objective is also to make this innovation accessible to other manufacturers via a separate license company, the Concrete Innovation Group. After all, climate protection will succeed only by the efforts of us all.

Sascha Wagener, Managing Director of the AHE corporate group: “We firmly believe that innovation is the key to mastering the challenges of climate change. With C-ton technology we offer not only a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials but, at the same time, we demonstrate how new raw-material flows can compensate for emissions.”

The C-ton Quadro is available immediately and offers architects, planners, construction companies and builders as well as municipalities and public agencies an effective opportunity to satisfy their CO₂ stipulations and reach their objectives, and simultaneously to satisfy the highest building standards.


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C-ton Quadro at a glance
- 100 % compensation of the
emissions generated in pro-
duction and the constituents used in the formula
- Innovative carbon sink technology
- Additive from sustainable residue flows
- 100 % recycable
- Processing, loading and du-
rability according to stand-
ard specifications

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