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Technical Mission to Italy 2016

In 2016, the engineering and consulting office CSG Engineering will continue its tradition by once again conducting its tour entitled “Technical Mission to Italy”; this year it will take place vom October 15th to 21st. As in the spring of this year, the seven-day excursion will lead its participants through the production halls of leading Italian suppliers of equipment and system for structural precast element production, and through the production facilities of precasters themselves. Last year, the facilities visited included Nordimpianti, Schnell, Bianchi Casseforme and Marcantonini, as well as Querzoli and Magnetti.

The event hosts assure the participants that in 2016 they will likewise have the opportunity to take a close look at the Italian precast industry. The technical program will be rounded out by a visit to the home offices of CSG Engineering in Fiorenzuola D’Arda. At this visit, the agenda will include a presentation of the CSG innovative planning program LegoCAD.

But a “Technical Mission to Italy” would by no means be a real mission to Italy without sufficient consideration of the culinary culture of the country. The organizers of this year’s tour are fully aware of this aspect – and they will take the same amount of care in preparation of the culinary side as they did last year. The package will furthermore include hotel accommodations and visits to interesting venues: for example, the Ferrari Museum.

Interested parties can gain further information in English by phoning the numbers given below.


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