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Technical Mission to Italy 2016

Staff of concrete producers from ten different countries participated in this year’s “Technical Mission to Italy” which took place from October 15 to 21, 2016. In addition to precast concrete plants and building sites, the round trip included visits to the production facilities of leading Italian suppliers Bianchi Casseforme, Marcantonini, Nordimpianti, Aderma Locatelli and Sipe.

The technical program was rounded off by attending a technical seminar at the Saie trade show in Bologna. In two sessions, the seminar provided information on “Precast concrete elements in architecture” – including lectures given by Alejandro López, Andece, and Clark Weber, Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute – and on “Research and development” – including a lecture given by Stef Maas, Febe.

Visit to the Ferrari Museum

During the one-week trip, the participants gained a deep insight into the Italian precast concrete industry and had the opportunity to exchange information on the different production technologies in their respective countries.

The friendly atmosphere was promoted by an entertaining program of events which included a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Milan and, needless to say, daily breaks in Italian specialty restaurants.

Event organizer CSG Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in the precast concrete sector, is expected to organize the next “Technical Mission to Italy” in the summer/autumn of 2017.

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