Berding Beton

Mobile dry weather channel for sewer rehabilitation

A major part of the German sewer network covering more than 500,000 kilometers is in most urgent need of repair, the cost of which, experts estimate, would run to roughly 50 billion euros, alone in the upcoming years.

The engineers of the municipal wastewater department in the German city of Düsseldorf recently developed in close collaboration with Berding Beton a construction of innovative interconnected concrete elements that can be lowered into the sewer through a manhole entry of only 62.5 cm diameter.

Solid construction ready for immediate load-bearing

The system is relatively easy to handle and can be installed while the sewer is in operation. Construction pits are not required and interference in the flow of traffic is limited. Each element has a T-shaped cross-section with a central web and bracket-type flanges of equal height on both sides. During installation, always two sideways adjacent elements are turned by 180° to each other and joined. The free area of the invert thus forms the new flow channel.

The individual channel elements fit into each other like the parts of a Lego system and form a continuous complex berm that can be walked and driven on immediately following installation. Due to construction of solid concrete, the elements can be arranged on the invert of the sewer without requiring any fixing.


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