Highly flexible color batching system for Pulheim Kann Plant

The company Kann GmbH Baustoffwerke is one of the most prestigious German manufacturers of high-quality concrete products and known for combining top product quality with innovative elements.

In the company’s Pulheim plant near Cologne, a number of modernization and extension measures were implemented in the spring of 2015. In order to meet Kann Baustoffwerke’s high quality standards, a very flexible innovative color batching system from Würschum GmbH, Ostfildern, Germany, was installed. Of special interest is here that the new system can process both powder and granular pigments.

The new color batching system in Pulheim offers room for powder pigments and granules. Here, the advantages of granules, i.e. highest dosing precision even when processing very small batches, are intelligently combined with the cost advantages of powder pigments. Powder pigments are now used in particular in the manufacture of integrally colored products that contain a high color component. For other concrete products, for which color precision is of utmost importance, on the other hand, granular pigments are used. In processing mixed colors, in particular small partial quantities can be accurately dosed and duplicated with utmost precision.

Modules for batching ­powder and granules

Since its founding in 1961, Würschum GmbH has gained much experience with all kinds of color batching and was therefore able to offer Kann a customized solution, containing modules for Type Flex powder dosing as well as type Com modules for granule dosing. The coloring stations are arranged in one row and fitted with bigbags. The system was housed in a separate building to ensure favorable positioning. For optimal processing of additively mixed colors, the pigments can be dosed in a common weigh container. Outside, to the left and right, additional color positions with separate scales for weighing powder and granules are added.

The color batching system from Würschum serves two mixers in parallel via pneumatic conveying: one mixer for the core concrete and one mixer for the face concrete. A motor-driven suction system prevents dust from being released into the air. The system can be adjusted to the volume flows so that the suction force can be precisely adjusted to the required level. The control system was implemented in accordance with the client’s specifications and closely integrated in the overall plant control system, offering the operator all relevant system data and adjustment possibilities.

Just under eight weeks for implementing the ­complete system

One of the challenges of this project was the very short delivery time, since the system would have to be put into operation already in mid-March. Würschum produced and delivered the complete system in less than eight weeks. Both the Technical Director in charge of this project at Kann, and the Technical Sales Manager expressed themselves highly satisfied with the adjustments made to the client’s specifications and the on-schedule installation and smooth commissioning.

One of the reasons for the optimal implementation of the system was surely that Würschum was able to install and test the color batching system in its newly built production hall. This saved time in installing and commissioning the system. The project was holistically implemented and completed true to Würschum’s motto: “We are only satisfied when our customer is satisfied.”


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