A global overview

Color dosing system for all metering tasks

In Germany everybody is talking about Opel, the German daughter company of General Motors. What does the future hold for Opel? Is Opel a key element of the German economy? Why do we need so many different cars? Why don’t we all decide that a small medium car is good for all and the car companies manufacture this type of car in big quantities for very low prices? Because we all have different needs. Concerning color dosing systems customized and system specific solutions have to be found also. This will show the article.

The same holds true for color dosing systems. Not all applications are the same. Some plants use only 20 tons per year, other plants use 200 or more tons per year. Some manufacturers produce highly innovative pavers with lots of color shades, others manufacture large volume products, which are very price sensitive. Some concrete producers struggle with wet aggregate or sand and require their pigment addition to be dry. Other manufacturers, for example of roof tiles, struggle with breaking down granules, to get the full color strength of their pigment addition.

In many countries environmental...

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