Cross-media BFT communication

Dear Readers,

Specialist media – like your BFT International – are now as before the most important pacesetters within our industry community. A B2B decision-maker analysis of the German trade press has shown that print continues to be the authority on the market. This study demonstrates that readers in general associate print media with credibility and professionalism. One more reason for not believing in the prophesied death of print.

However: believing in our print magazine does not mean that we should ignore going the online way as well. For this reason, the competence and the offers of BFT extend over all the current channels of communication. You will surely already know our website with its always latest news from the precast concrete industry, as well as our magazine archive that covers back to the year 2008. Our monthly published newsletter with its varied mix of current news and exclusive technical contributions likewise enjoys great popularity.

Our presence in social networks is also one of our online activities. Although professional utilization of social-media channels in the construction industry still lags somewhat behind that of other economic sectors, we are aware of a growing, active and very interesting BFT Community – in particular, on Facebook and Twitter.

To us, as editorial office, online networking with you means a great deal, as it allows us to maintain direct feedback with you, our readers, and gives us the opportunity of discussing trends and top issues. And we look forward to a continuing lively dialog in our industrial sector – and of course, at our trade shows and events as well as on Facebook & Co.

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Twitter: @BFT_INT

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