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Dear readers, by now the Covid-19 pandemic with all its implications has accompanied us for more than half a year. As disagreeable as this may be – e.g., that large and small trade shows and specialist congresses of our industry have been cancelled, and/or at least postponed from April to September – in producing our monthly BFT, we have experienced no negative effects whatsoever. On the contrary. As confirmed by several of our editor-in-chief colleagues of the other international titles published by Bauverlag, it has been precisely because of the lack of opportunities for current presentation to a broad, specialized public at trade shows or similar events in Germany, or wherever in the world, that increasingly more concrete producers, plant engineering firms and suppliers are turning to editorial reporting and promotional activities in our print magazines, online presentations, newsletters etc. There is also a rising demand for webinars, which means that our Event Department is even busier than before the crisis.

As a result, we are able to continue to offer you a wide spectrum of topics in this edition. The company Hess  Group reports on the production of thin large-format patio slabs at Kortmann Beton, and Unitechnik Systems presents the introduction of paperless production at BE-Beton-Elemente. Sigfox AG has recently digitized charge carriers of Weber Betonwerke, and MCT Italy has designed a highly efficient automatic production plant for a precaster in North America. And much more. The comprehensive scientific technical contribution was written for this edition by university professor Torsten Leutbecher and his Co-Author on the new classification of compressive strength and on the performance classes of ultra-high-strength concrete.


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