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Concrete Canoe Regatta: Double win for University of Twente

On June 20, the 15th German Concrete Canoe Regatta took place on Lake Beetzsee in the state of Brandenburg with participants from 45 universities in total. More than 1,000 students and trainees launched 65 self-made racing canoes and 13 imaginative water vehicles in the “open class” of the extraordinary competition.

The University of Twente located in Enschede (the Netherlands) defended the two ­titles of the women‘s and men‘s race. The Dutch won the finals against the teams from the German cities of Regensburg, Weimar and Leipzig. The construction prize went to ETH Zurich, which additionally was awarded with the prize for the heaviest canoe weighing 293 kg. The design prize was awarded to Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

The canoe with the lightest weight – just weighing 16.65 kg – was built by TU Graz. TU Dresden won the “open class” with the paddle wheel boat “BBT Semper”, consisting of twelve individual segments. The boat with an overall length of 12 m is weighing nearly 2 tons. The young talent‘s prize was awarded to the Steinbeis School in Stuttgart. The cooperation proj-ect of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki and HTW Berlin was awarded with a special prize. The German cement and concrete industry organizes the German Concrete Canoe Regatta on a regular basis. The last event took place in Nuremberg in 2013.


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