Concrete boats of HTWK triumph in the Netherlands

The concrete canoe team of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) was able to build on its successes at the concrete canoe competitions in the Netherlands and in Germany in 2017. At the boat race, which took place on the last weekend in May in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the team defended its current top position in concrete canoe racing: Winning three times gold, three times silver as well as bronze twice, they outpaced well-known competitors of universities from all over Europe.

Hence, the „Bieraten“ of HTWK Leipzig with their new boats „BlackBEERd“ and „Eilenburg“ were the most successful team of the 17 participating parties. „Finally, the perfect interaction between boat building and paddling technique is decisive for the success,“ summarizes captain Jan Teuchert. The „Eilenburg“ had a large share in the triumph. It is the lightest canoe built so far among the eleven ones of the team and has a weight of only 45 kg at a length of more than 5 m. The wall thickness is just 5 mm – precision work. For comparison: A conventional boat made from plastics is weighing 25 kg to 30 kg. These technical abilities of the team were rewarded with the quality award – in addition to the sporting successes.


High level in the field of textile-reinforced concrete construction

This prize was awarded to the identical „BlackBEERd“ canoe for the best quality of workmanship among the 35 competing canoes. The jury emphasized in particular the new flexible formwork of the railing as well as the combination of special glass-fiber fabrics and short fibers providing the boat with stability. „Building a canoe weighing less than 45 kg was only possible by continuously further developing of the shape and the mixture since the last boat races,“ states vice-captain Ludwig Hertwig. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Holschemacher of the Institute of Concrete Construction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and technical head of the project adds, „Winning the quality award reveals the high level at which the students of HTWK Leipzig are able to implement scientific findings in the field of textile-reinforced concrete construction.“

The basis for the recent successes in Eindhoven was – apart from implementing latest scientific findings and the resulting outstanding material – the support in sports by SC DHfK Leipzig and Klingerweg boat rental, too. Here, the concrete canoe team found perfect training conditions. Also worthy to mention is the support provided by the numerous sponsors, who were attracted by the team itself and inspired for the concrete canoe racing. Consequently, the „Eilenburg“ canoe will find its domicile at the main sponsor Ebawe located in Eilenburg, while the „BlackBEERd“ will become the new training boat of the team.

Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH, trader and manufacturer of pigments in power form, stabilized dispersions, pigment preparations, C compact pigments, and granules, supported the team of HTWK Leipzig with color pigments. They were used, among others, to color the logo of sponsor Ebawe on the „Eilenburg“ canoe in striking yellow and blue shades.

HTWK Leipzig aims for title defense

The „Bieraten“ team of HTWK Leipzig will continue to experiment above all with the shape of the boat and the construction, respectively, of course aiming at defending the title. Moreover, they would like to take part in the open class for the first time in season 2019: with the construction of a fantasy structure able to float – you can be curious.

In the Netherlands the „BetonKanoRace“ takes place every year in May, where about 20 teams of European universities compete against each other. The German Concrete Canoe Regatta with more than 50 participating universities last time takes place every two years and is held at different locations. The next regatta will be held in Heilbronn in June of next year.


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