Subsequent connection

Reinforcement systems for subsequently connected reinforced-concrete brackets

In particular in precast concrete construction there is a significant need for connecting reinforced-concrete brackets to a wall or a column in a second step of concrete placement. This kind of construction saves elaborate formwork and entails advantages in terms of time. In many cases, a subsequent connection has not even been considered in the planning phase. When planning, it is normally proceeded on the assumption of a monolithic connection.  

What solutions are available?

As a solution, Halfen company provides two different versions for a subsequent connection. One option is the Halfen HBT Rebend Connection type 7.

The closed casing is nailed onto the formwork and after dismantling the formwork of the first casting step the stirrups are bended out of the case. Afterwards the bracket is concreted.

Another version is to realize the bracket in a second concreting process, which is provided by the screw connection Halfen HSC Stud Connection (Fig. 1). Owing to sleeve and threaded rods it is possible to place concrete in two steps.


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