Efficient construction method

Bearings without complex bracket strips

Prefabricated system solutions for the support of precast reinforced-concrete components speed up the mounting process and increase the reliability as well as the quality of construction at the same time. Compared to bracket strips or notches which are conventionally applied for the support of precast components, the system solutions enhance the cost-efficiency as well as the utilization characteristics of a construction.

The manufacturers united in VBBF (German association for the promotion and development of fastening, reinforcement and façade technology) are jointly committed to realize efficient concrete construction methods and in addition they advocate a high standard of quality concerning smart system solutions in concrete and precast concrete construction.

An efficient construction method for supporting of precast concrete components is, for example, the steel bearing for TT floors, special bearings for staircases and stair landings as well as shear dowels to replace the bearing. They all have in common...

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