Design models

Design of reinforced concrete corbels

 This article presents two selected models for designing reinforced concrete corbels and compares them with test results. In addition, guidance is given on the anchorage of the tension tie reinforcement, in particular in the corbel, and the distinct features and benefits of using the Halfen Stud Connector (HSC) are outlined. The verification and detailing of the shear joint and an alternative stirrup design are presented for the purpose of largely separating the construction of the corbel from the primary construction process.

Corbels are widely used in reinforced concrete construction, particularly in precast skeleton structures and factory buildings. They serve as supports to beams, slabs, stairs, crane runways etc. In the literature, a large number of tests performed on corbels and the derived mechanical models are described. Most verification methods use a strut and tie model in which the tie is represented by a tensile reinforcement and the strut by the concrete. Whereas the tensile reinforcement is verified using the internal lever arm, the stresses of the concrete strut are verified in the nodes of the strut...

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