To Make Flexible Wall Connections in a Cost-Effective Way

VS® Systems3D

 The 3D-VS® connection systems enable the precast concrete industry to manufacture wall-wall and/or wall-
column connections efficiently. The systems of Pfeifer with German national approval, such as the VS Slim Box, VS Plus Box, the VS Rail Systems TZ 250 and TZ 100, are
now able to absorb and transfer forces acting from all directions (3D).

The calculation is based on the verification of the single forces acting from different directions, their interaction and finally the tensile force components. Instead of doing it manually, a verification with the aid of the free-of-charge dimensioning software is also possible. The software generates a testable verification for statics and fire protection purposes. For making purchasing and ordering easier, it is possible to compute all quantities of Vs products and grout necessary for an entire project „at the push of a button“.

The applicability on the construction site is just as important...

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