Innovative precast concrete component concept with optimized joint design for especially tall wind turbines

Hybrid structures of precast concrete components and superimposed steel tube tower are economical for very tall wind turbines. The Tubularis PCC Tower concept is suitable for the international wind market and relies on small-format precast concrete components that can be manufactured in non-specialized plants close to the construction site. The Mainz University of Applied Sciences developed the concept of segment joints.

1. Introduction

Wind energy is the driving force in the implementation of the energy revolution and already produced 49% of total renewable energy in 2017. In the process, they ensure 16% of gross electricity generation in Germany. Onshore wind energy accounts for 83% of the wind energy produced [1][2]. The average hub height of newly installed wind turbines throughout Germany amounted to 129.1 m in 2017. On average, these turbines were equipped with a rotor diameter of 113.8 m and provided an output of 2.9 MW [3].

The experience of the last years has shown that the energy yield with increasing...

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