Immediately load-bearing connection – new trend for  precast elements

The universally applicable Halfen HEK precast coupler is a practical solution for fast and efficient installation of precast concrete elements.

Conventional connections for precast concrete elements by means of flexible wire rope loops or rebars re-bent at the construction site have to be cast with grout at the connection joint and are therefore not fully load-bearing immediately after installation. Hence, temporary supports are necessary for the subsequence construction and installation process, in order to ensure the structural stability of the precast elements installed. Idle times due to the hardening process of the grout have an impact on the construction progress.

Full load-bearing capacity directly

With the new HEK precast coupler Halfen presents a screw connection, which is fully capable to bear normal and transverse forces immediately after installation. Grouting of the connection joint is no more necessary. Therefore, the precast coupler achieves a considerable reduction in time and work expenditure required for the installation without eliminating the possibility of adjusting imperfections. In vertical direction to the connection, it is possible to adjust tolerances in a range of up to 10 mm in each direction.

The HEK precast coupler as mounting part embedded in the concrete element is both load transferring connection element and anchoring element. In combination with an appropriate fixing sleeve in the component to be connected, such as the DEMU T-FIXX, the DEMU bolt anchor or the DEMU bar anchor, all types of precast concrete elements can be screwed together in an easy and reliable manner.

Whether used as connection for multi-part pipe systems or precast wall elements in residential and commercial construction projects: The HEK precast coupler is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications and connection situations.


Time- and cost-efficient solution

Since its market launch, the principle of the HEK precast coupler has proved its worth as time- and cost-efficient solution in many construction projects across Europe. The trend towards prefabrication becomes more and more popular in the German construction industry too – not least because of the urgent need in the field of social housing.

The HEK precast coupler was granted with the national technical approval by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) in February 2018. This paves the way for the widespread use of this product on the German market.


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