Building sprinkler control centers with the aid of
BT connection technology without grout

The request for increased productivity and saving of costs is constantly growing. The integration of innovative technologies turns out to be absolutely essential as solution here. One of this tools is the BT-Spannschloss turnbuckle, an element of a simple screw connection system, accelerating precast concrete construction in building construction and civil engineering.

The challenge: Faster construction projects and increased productivity

The approved BT turnbuckle allows the connection of up to three precast concrete elements by means of simple screw connections. It forgives tolerances of up to ± 2 cm, with construction works progressing smoothly even in case of minor faults in the connection process. Due to the elimination of elaborate welding and grouting works, installation can be carried out almost independent of weather conditions, and construction sections and projects are accelerated considerably. This means lesser time, lesser stress for the connection of precast elements or more projects within in a shorter time. Innovation is the key to progress, and it plays a decisive role in the construction and precast concrete industries.


Construction project: New construction of a sprinkler control center without grout

The BT turnbuckle played a decisive role in assembling a sprinkler control center and as a „dry“ connection it helped to make the construction project more efficient and more cost-effective. In this project, the sprinkler control center consisting of four sandwich walls and three floor slabs was built up on an in-situ concrete ground slab by means of the BT turnbuckle in a permanent and friction-locked manner. The first sandwich wall was positioned on the ground slab and levelled by means of spacers and secured by cross struts. Then the second and third wall were positioned one after the other and mounted to the ground slab as well as the adjacent sandwich wall and secured by means of cross struts. To complete the wall installation, the fourth sandwich wall was positioned and screwed on the BT turnbuckle to the first and third sandwich wall in a permanent and friction-locked manner. It was not necessary to secure this sandwich wall thanks to the firm and permanent connection to the ground slab and to the first and third sandwich wall. This protected the surface of the sandwich wall installed in the last step and reduced the number of cross struts. Finally, three floor slabs were placed on the load-bearing layer of the sandwich walls and screwed on the walls with the aid of the BT turnbuckle. In this way, the sprinkler control center could be built up in 3.5 hours including crane time and thus significantly faster in comparison to an assembly with joint grouting. Curing times, therefore, do not matter any longer and assembly is possible in nearly all weathers throughout the year.

 This project demonstrates how modern technology can revolutionize and accelerate the construction process without affecting the structural stability. This successful cooperation between the Goldbeck GmbH and B.T. innovation underlines how innovation and commitment can be combined seamlessly in order to allow construction of high quality. The companies Goldbeck and B.T. Innovation continue to set standards in the construction industry and contribute to shape the future of construction sustainably.



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