The Pfeifer VS® ISI System3D

Fascinating precast element connections

When Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, Memmingen (Germany) brought the VS® system with the first product – the classical VS Box – on the market nearly 15 years ago, nobody had guessed that this system would have been welcomed with great enthusiasm. However, the product has revolutionized connecting of precast concrete wall elements and resulted in a very fast distribution of the VS system.

Pfeifer saw and still sees the continuously further development as their task taking customer needs as well as changes in the world of standards into account and therefore the company is investing considerable development resources. Some milestones of the product developments, for example, were:

» The unique wire rope loop fixing of the box systems

» The first standard application of the steel ferrules for anchoring of the complete rope force (Fig. 1)

» The first rail systems without the application of additional formwork

» The first national technical approval for a wire rope system in Germany


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