Seventh precast concrete plant in Europe: Goldbeck expands production capacity

Figure: Goldbeck

Figure: Goldbeck
Goldbeck is building a new plant for the production of precast concrete parts in Kirchberg, Rhineland-Palatinate. The construction and service company is thus once again significantly expanding its capacities.

New plant in Kirchberg

Goldbeck starts the construction of its seventh precast concrete plant in Europe. On the newly developed site in Kirchberg, the company will once again significantly expand its production capacities for precast concrete elements: on an area of around 20,000 square metres, Goldbeck will produce columns, ceilings and wall elements here from 2025, which the company will then assemble with other system elements to form turnkey commercial properties, such as production and logistics halls and multi-storey buildings. The reinforcement for the concrete elements will also be produced at the plant.

Goldbeck already operates six other precast concrete plants in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Goldbeck produces steel elements in Bielefeld, Plauen and Lodz (Poland).

New plant construction with system

Goldbeck is building the new plant in the same way as the company builds for its customers: with a system. Essential elements are industrially prefabricated, delivered to the construction site and then assembled on site within a very short time. In addition to cost and schedule reliability, this method of construction has another advantage: it conserves resources and saves a considerable amount of the CO2 emissions that are usually produced.


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