Prefabricated concrete component connecting structure

(10) CN114108846 (A)

(22) 22.12.2021

(43) 01.03.2022

(57) The invention discloses a concrete prefabricated part connecting structure which comprises a concrete prefabricated wall plate and further comprises an adjusting assembly located above the wall plate, the adjusting assembly comprises a base mechanism and an adjusting mechanism located above the base mechanism, and the base mechanism comprises a bottom plate connected with the wall plate. A plurality of spherical clamping grooves are vertically formed in the upper side face of the bottom plate, sliding clamping grooves are formed in the two long edges of the bottom plate, the adjusting mechanism comprises a supporting plate connected with a wallboard adjacent to the upper side, threaded holes are formed in the positions, right opposite to the spherical clamping grooves, of the upper side face of the supporting plate, and connecting devices are arranged at the positions of the spherical clamping grooves. The connecting device comprises a screw rod and a ball body installed at the lower end of the screw rod, the ball body is embedded in the spherical clamping groove, and threads at the upper end of the screw rod are inserted into the threaded hole, and the problems that when the side face of a wall is uneven, the wall cannot be stably placed in a good state, and assembly of a building is seriously affected are solved.

(71) Jiangsu and Tianxi Energy Saving Tech Co. Ltd., CN


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