On the pathway to the first building in CPC construction

The CPC construction method is based on a totally new approach in load-bearing concrete construction and it differs from the conventional reinforced-concrete construction method fundamentally. High-quality concrete slabs prestressed with carbon strands are manufactured industrially. The infinite carbon strands are incorporated bi-axially in multiple layers and are very strongly prestressed in both principal directions. Only thanks to this very high degree of prestressing, it is possible to use the enormous load-bearing capacity of the carbon strands at all and to keep the consumption of carbon to a minimum. These large slabs are 20 - 70 mm thick, measuring up to 4,5 m x 20 m at present. After production of the slabs, these very precise slabs are cut to measure in any shape. The slabs made to measure can be installed directly or as an assembled building component.

The CPC construction method is driven for the use in housing construction with the aid of several research projects supported by Innosuisse, Swiss Innovation Agency of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research as well as several partners of the private sector. The research works are focusing on sound, fire, the structural further development of CPC construction and logistics ranging from planning to the erection of the building. Compared to today’s buildings made of reinforced concrete, it is possible to reduce both the material demand and the carbon footprint of the load-bearing structure by more than 50 % each using this construction method. First prototype buildings and a first building for actual use are intended to be erected soon. Preliminary results of these works will be presented.


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