New concrete product range making work easier in a clever way

An eye-catcher on the construction site that makes work absolutely easier. This is how the innovations of Primo GmbH can be described. Now, some of the established products have got an upgrade and extend the product range of the manufacturer located in the Upper Bavarian municipality of Aschau am Inn additionally. The all-purpose big box with membrane impresses with its three-part design and many clever features. In combination with the new ceiling transitions, wall outlets and sleeves of the C series, they will provide for much easier and much faster installation in concrete in future.

The C series unites the latest technology of grommets, transitions and sleeves. Thanks to the own in-house conduit grip technology, the transitions and connectors ensure an absolutely reliable strain relief in concrete construction – completely independent of which conduit manufacturer is used.

C series: the clever connection

With the aid of the grommets, which are available in the sizes of M20, M25, M32 and M40, two conduit ends can be connected in a reliable and concrete-tight way with just a single action. Additional fixing by means of adhesive tape or other aids – as usual until now – is no longer necessary. „We want to make life easier for the craftsman on the construction site and spare him unnecessary work steps. This is exactly what the strong connection of the C series does,“ states Peter Kasenbacher, Sales Manager Austria at Primo GmbH.

Plugged on the nail and adhesive bottom, the sleeves then become the end and transition grommet. Using the well-designed push-fit system, several grommets – no matter of what size – can be strung together or combined. The same bottom is also used by the transitions enabling their stable inline connection to grommets.

Optional wings for quick fastening

Due to the ideal bending radius of 30 degrees, the wall and ceiling transitions make pulling in of cables safe and convenient. The support anchor provides the grommets (available in the sizes of M20, M25 and M32) with the perfect hold and thus avoiding tearing out of the formwork.

The special highlight of the new series are the optional wings, allowing for the C series to be fastened to the steel reinforcement directly. In this way, a concrete covering of 20 up to 40 mm – depending on the direction of inserting – can be achieved completely without counter bearing or support element. The already well-known wings (P761) of the M and XL series can be simply used for this purpose. Hence, no additional storage space is required for the new products.

Striking design with huge benefit

With their striking design in noble anthracite and bright orange, the C series as well as the new all-purpose big box with membrane integrate themselves seamlessly into the present Primo concrete product range. This color scheme is not only an aspect of design, with being an eye-catcher, but it supports the electrician on the construction site primarily.

„Thanks to the signal orange color, the box easily finds its way onto the formwork before the concreting process. And even after concrete pouring, the covers shine bright and I know exactly where to go,“ explains Mathias Distelberger, foreman at Elektro Göbl (Neustadl an der Donau). „A concrete construction site can be quite dark, too, in this case the color design is a great relief.“

All-purpose big box: Cutting, plugging, strain-relieved

The 27-year-old has already tested the upgraded all-purpose big box in practice and was impressed by one feature in particular: „I do no longer have to punch the holes, installation is much easier and faster in this way.“ Just a cut with the aid of a cutter knife is sufficient for the new entries with membrane and the conduit can be inserted. Hence, he can leave additional punch pliers confidently at home.

The membrane encloses the conduit completely ensuring an absolute concrete-tight system. The integrated conduit grip provides for the reliable strain relief additionally. This technology used for the membrane boxes of the M series as well as the installation housings of the XL series has stand the test for many years and can be found now at the all-purpose big boxes as well.

Three-part design for easy assembly

Another highlight is the three-part design of front part – available in the size of 60 and 70 mm –, housing and cover. Therefore, construction sites using a lot of reinforcement are no longer a problem, because the front parts can simply be placed and fastened before inserting the reinforcement. „This is really great in cast-in-situ concrete,“ says the technician trained in electric installations.

Subsequently, the large terminal compartment provides for sufficient space, and with the ideal separator, it is even possible to realize two different electric circuits within one housing. Like the C series, the all-purpose big box using the same wings can be fixed directly.

„This housing is very versatile in use and provides me with even more flexibility. Due to the numerous sophisticated features, it simplifies the workflow to a large extent,“ concludes Distelberger his tests. Together with the entire Primo product range for concrete, the new products have turned working on the construction site into a cakewalk since the beginning of May.


Fertigteilwerke bei der Primo GmbH

Mario Achatz

Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 2

84544 Aschau am Inn

+49 8638/88559-261


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