Innovations that combine quality, precision and efficiency in precast concrete production

The construction industry is going through challenging times. How suppliers navigate the challenges and prepare for the post-crisis period: Bedo Betonwerk Dotternhausen sets an example.

The demand for the highest quality and cost-efficient management in the construction industry are constantly increasing. Consumers as well as builders and construction companies are setting high standards for outstanding products. Against the backdrop of price pressure and a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry, the industrial production of construction elements in controlled production environments is becoming increasingly important.

Remaining competitive as a supplier to the construction industry requires agility and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. In view of the increasing requirements from the market, Bedo Betonwerk Dotternhausen invests in a new circulation plant from Construx Weckenmann, as part of a strategic decision, aimed not only at diversifying the product portfolio but also at expanding the production capacity at the company’s headquarters in Dotternhausen. „Serial construction and construction with industrial prefabricated elements is the future of construction“ says Carsten Funk, managing director at Bedo.

The new multi-function plant for the production of double walls, floor slabs and insulated walls, not only offers a holistically thought-out and individually designed plant concept for efficient production processes, but also a multitude of technical innovations in the individual machine concepts.

Outstanding expertise in plant design and engineering

The assignment for the machine and plant manufacturer Construx Weckenmann was to integrate the circulation system into an existing hall and to use different terrain levels. Unlike standardized solutions, Construx Weckenmann systems are designed on an extremely individual basis. The result of Construx Weckenmann‘s comprehensive planning and engineering expertise, as well as the intensive cooperative collaboration with the customer, is a plant concept which makes optimum use of the topographical conditions and is characterized by precisely coordinated production processes.

The requirements, particularly the focus on the highest quality, the best possible use of resources and the optimization of processes, were consistently pursued throughout the entire project phase. The concrete spreader with screw conveyor and the automation solutions, including two shuttering and demolding robots, enable efficient and error-minimized production of double walls and floor slabs with the highest surface quality. This precision is not only achieved through the even discharge of the concrete spreader, but also by the innovative compaction technology of the new generation from Construx Weckenmann.

The newly developed compaction station presented at bauma 2022 is a pioneering innovation with its improved system performance, which enables precise adjustment of the amplitude and frequency range for the compaction of different concrete mixes. The high compaction performance is achieved through energy-efficient drive technology, while the flexible longitudinal and transverse entry of the formwork pallets is a further feature of the station. Particularly noteworthy is its modular design, which enables quick and economical retrofitting in existing plants.

The pallet turning device has a remarkable equipment feature: the hydraulic adjustment of the individual wall thicknesses of double walls, which enables precise, stepless adjustment of wall thicknesses of up to 500 mm.

Special attention is also paid to the safety of employees, which is ensured by a sophisticated safety concept and individually adapted operating stations. The individual machine concepts with a high degree of individualization, together with the automation solutions, ensure efficient, error-minimized production processes and produce precast concrete parts of excellent quality.

The commissioning of the new Construx Weckenmann plant marks an important milestone for Bedo and sets the course for a promising future. This investment not only opens up the possibility of expanding the product portfolio with innovative solutions, but also raises the product and surface quality of the concrete elements to a new level. With optimism, Carsten Funk emphasizes that further developments and innovations can be expected in the future.

Construx Weckenmann: Shaping the Future of Concrete

After the recent acquisition of Weckenmann by Construx, the new Construx Weckenmann presents itself as a global reference in formwork, machines and circulation plants for prefabricated concrete elements. The integration of technical expertise, sales strength, and production capacities has resulted in a strong partner for precast concrete plants.

Customers will benefit from a broad and comprehensive portfolio in both areas of automation and material flow solutions, as well as in individually designed and superior formwork concepts and formwork profile systems. The company is decided to set new standards for technical solutions and production methods related to making precast concrete elements: safer, more efficient, ergonomic and innovative.


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