Grouting-Free-Dry-Type prestressed bolt segment-assembled prefabricated concrete tower

(10) EP4202209A1

(22) 17.06.2021

(43) 28.06.2023

(57) The present invention discloses a grouting-free dry-type prestressed bolt segment-assembled prefabricated concrete tower, comprising a top steel tower tube, a reverse self-balancing steel-concrete transition section, and a prestressed-bolted dry-assembled segmental precast concrete tower with grouting-free dry fast splicing and a gear reinforced wind turbine foundation; the steel tower tube, the steel-concrete transition section, the concrete tower tube and the hollow wind turbine foundation are integrally connected from top to bottom through a prestressed steel strand system to improve the overall bending resistance of the tower; the upper end of the prestressed steel strands is anchored to the steel-concrete transition section, and the lower end is anchored to the bottom face of the wind turbine foundation corbel; the concrete tower tube is composed of a number of segmental tapered precast concrete tower segments, which are grouting free spliced vertically ...

(71) Powerchina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited, CN


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