Concrete product and methods of preparing
the same

(10) WO 2022/240617 A1

(22) 03.05.2022

(43) 17.11.2022

(57) A concrete product set by pouring a concrete slurry includes (a) a concrete mixture; (b) a graphene admixture (102); and (c) at least one reinforcing fiber selected from the group of fibers (24). As the poured concrete slurry cures, the poured slurry hardens into a composite material product, and the composite material is embedded with graphene. In another exemplary embodiment, the present invention is directed to a process for preparing a concrete product (800). The process comprises the steps of (a) preparing a concrete slurry with integral graphene (402); (b) pouring the concrete slurry (404); (c) allowing the concrete slurry to cure (406); and (d) optionally spray-applying graphene (408) and/or optional colloidal silica (402) as a curing technique. In another exemplary embodiment, the present invention is directed to the product itself; namely, a concrete product with fibers and embedded graphene.

(71) S3 Concrete Technologies, Inc. [US/US]; 825 Franklin Court SE, Suite H, Marietta, GA 30067 (US)

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