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Waterproofing and connection technology for flood protection

The coastal resort of Heiligenhafen on the Baltic Sea of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is one of the holiday spots with the most hours of sunshine in that country. Sandy beaches of many kilometers length, a pier and a host of the recreational activities typical of premier tourism sites attract investors and tourists alike.

The Strand Resort Marina, now under construction, is a new kind of holiday complex in that it offers the opportunity to buy holiday homes or apartments for touristic purposes or private use. Owing to its location directly adjacent to the 5-star marina, the resort is directly exposed to the influences of the waters of the Baltic Sea and an inland lake.

Flood control wall in ­conformity with the law

The Berliner Primus Marina Resort Heiligenhafen GmbH commissioned Heuchert Bau, Neumünster, Germany, with the erection of a flood control wall based on the coastal protection master plan of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

In designing the flood control wall it was decided to use a time-tested combined technology of B.T. Innovation from Magdeburg, Germany, with the officially approved BT turnbuckle in use worldwide and with precast concrete units that can be mechanically connected in a dry state.

The precast concrete units can be manufactured independently of the weather, since they need not harden and are therefore  able to immediately withstand tensile and shear forces – a fact that directly influences the time efficiency of the entire project.

Turnbuckle also for use in water protection facilities

In combination with the special precast waterproofing product Rubber Elast, which is pressed between the butt-jointed concrete elements with utmost precision, the water protection wall is not only reliably connected, but is moreover absolutely water-pressure tight up to a water column of 5 m and resistant to waste and process water. Rubber Elast, moreover, does not shrink, even in very low temperatures, and is permanently flexible. The combination of the BT turnbuckle and Rubber Elast enables the staff of Heuchert Bau to handle the precast units for connection with ease and precision. The sealing tape reliably seals the butt-jointed concrete units.

The product combination BT turnbuckle and Rubber Elast is already in use throughout Germany. In a flood protection wall in the Wittenberge industrial harbor, this product solution demonstrated its strength in an emergency situation when it protected the wall from the worst during the great flood of 2013.


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