B.T. Innovation

Turnbuckles in construction of levees

 „How can we realize further noticeable cost and time advantages for the precast concrete and building industry by means of the technologies available?“ This was the question that B.T. innovation was faced with at the beginning of a development process three years ago and which was answered with a well-known simple connection system:

With the BT turnbuckle®. This universal turnbuckle can serve as a safe structural connection between various types of precast components being verifiable in terms of statics and could enormously reduce man hours at the construction site.

The refurbishment of the left levee of the Sudedeich Mahnkenwerder near Boizenburg (Germany) was an opportunity for the BT turnbuckle system to show its entire strength.

To minimize the process and/or owing to the narrow space available flood protection in the zone of the pumping station was to be realized by a 2 m wide and 2.50 m high rectangular retaining...

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