Textile-reinforced concrete-steel pipe-frp Composite pipe and manufacturing method therefor

(10) WO 2021/003861 A1

(22) 08.10.2019

(43) 14.01.2021

(57) A textile-reinforced concrete-steel pipe-FRP composite pipe, comprising an FRP round pipe (4), a thin-wall steel pipe (2), and textile-re­inforced concrete arranged coaxially from the inside to the outside, wherein fine-grained concrete (3) is poured between the FRP round pipe (4) and the thin-wall steel pipe (2), a steel sleeve ring (5) is provided on an outer surface of a connection portion by means of pegs (6), and a seal rubber gasket is pro­vided below the steel sleeve ring (5). The inner layer of the pipe uses a resin fiber-reinforced material, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and light weight; the formed pipe features a smooth inner wall, no growth of microorganisms, a large water flow amount, and a long service life, such that subsequent maintenance costs are reduced; due to the use of a steel pipe as an interlayer, the composite pipe has a strong pressure bearing capability and high rigidity; the textile-reinforced concrete of the outer layer has a further constraint effect on the internal steel pipe and FRP, thereby further improving the pressure bearing capability and pressure resistance capability of the pipe; in addition, the textile-reinforced concrete has good corrosion resistance and per­meability resistance, thereby implementing a long service life of the pipe.



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