Technological progress and sustainability: it can be done

Marcantonini values ecology as well as the responsible use of resources. Among the key points, on which the company was founded, is sustainability. Within the factories and during the production process, their focus lies on energy-saving. The reason for that is not only economic, but also to provide a healthy environment for following generations, according to the Marcantonini company values.

MCT thinks of itself as a focused company with the goal to realize their projects and ideas. Therefore, there are solar panels installed on the factories’ and headquarters’ roof for 12 years now. The solar panels generate about 60,700 kWh/a, which grants the company full autonomy. Due to that they are able to save 30 tons of CO2 per year.

Seed-oil becomes fuel

However, electricity generation from solar energy alone is not enough for the company. MCT goes even further. At the moment, they are designing a vegetable oil cogeneration plant. The system allows them to regulate the internal temperature of all their facilities, which allowes an increase in energy savings and reduces the pollution in general. The goal is certainly ambitious.

At the same time, according to MCT, they are always interested in improvements. Therefore, it goes without saying that the temperature control and switching off of the lights, within each facility, is regulated by an autonomous working system. The latter has been designed by the company itself and avoids unnecessary waste of resources. In conclusion, Marcantonini has and will continue to focus on sustainable environmental protection. Entirely in line with the motto “there is no planet B”.



Via Perugia 105

06084 Bettona/Italy

+39 0759 8855 1


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