International calling by Marcantonini

1976 went down in history as the year Steve Jobs and Steve Woziank founded Apple Computers. For MCT Italy that same year marked a first milestone: the first batching plant sold abroad. The first, in Morocco, was followed by two more in the same year, in Switzerland and Thailand, right near the famous River Kwai. Small steps, if MCT looks at them with the eyes of today and those who have completed over 55 years of road, but great milestones in the company journey.

Since then, in fact, the international vocation of Marcantonini has never failed: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, USA, France, Iceland and many other places, with increasingly more complex and challenging installations and realizations. The next, very important stage in this path that leads to leave the national borders, the Italian supplier then touched in 2007, with the opening of the MCT Group in the United States.

Visionary vision of the founder Lamberto

Not only an opportunity for growth for MCT Italy, but also a way to be closer to a truly composite market, to know its needs and anticipate its demands. Decisive was the visionary vision of the founder Lamberto Marcantonini: not only did he push to always improve from a technological point of view, but he also intuited that openness to foreign markets could become a strong point.

There are so many stories that MCT had come across, so many that the company had lived and that have allowed them to be part of history; such as a presence in Baghdad, in the seventies, when the city was prosperous and growing strongly – a wonderful experience. The direction traced in that period, and then carried forward in time by Andrea Marcantonini, has allowed MCT to face even particularly complex periods from the point of view of the global economy, difficult periods that have seen many realities struggle enormously.

This propensity for openness has been decisive for Marcantonini instead; today, in fact, and for over 10 years, MCT Italy boasts a network of contacts ranging from the Far East to the Americas, from Northern Europe to Australia.


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