MCT Italy delivers outstanding technology
to South Korea

Due to constant growth in the construction sector, companies in South Korea feel compelled to use new technologies, especially with regard to precast concrete elements. One of these companies is Jisan Engineering Co Ltd, which recently commissioned a new high-quality precast concrete plant.

Jisan is one of the fastest growing South Korean precast companies with highly skilled engineers able to provide turnkey solutions: planning, designing, production and installation in a very competitive way thanks to the wide use of precast elements. The owner and founder of Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd, Mr. Han JuSik, has developed a very long experience in construction business and nowadays his team of engineers can provide valuable solutions in various branches of the construction industry, both in civil and industrial sectors even if the real core business is warehouse and logistic facilities construction.

Project Overview

The intention of Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd was to develop a precast production hub with the intention to introduce high automated plant in the precast building system in the South Korean construction market. The precast factory with a footprint of approximately 15,000 m² and an annual output of up to 100,000 m³ of high-quality concrete elements has been completed in early 2019 and started producing the first elements during summer 2019. MCT Italy has engineered for Jisan a fully tailor-made batch plant and concrete distribution system with a high automation level to be installed into a new four halls building in Jisan‘s new precast factory.

The new fully-automated factory engineered by MCT Italy, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and concrete distribution, offers high production capacity, top-rate precast product quality and reduced operating costs through state-of-the-art automation technologies, optimized production plan, carefully designed production process and individually tailored solutions. The line features advanced software, modern concrete distribution system and state-of-the-art batch plant, can fully control the planning and monitoring the production process.

MCT Italy: best supplier for a top solution

MCT Italy was chosen as the main contractor due to the successful and long-lasting relationship with Jisan Engineering that recently ordered no. 3 complete factories for massive concrete production. The plant is composed of primary hopper, aggregate storage systems, two twin shaft mixers featuring fully automatic concrete distribution systems including high-speed flying buckets and automatic casting machines. The primary hopper feeds the bucket elevator that moves the aggregates inside the no. 4 different storage compartments dedicated to structural concrete production. The sliding insulation system has been developed in order to avoid any issue with the weather and snow during the winter period, protecting the material and the components from the weather conditions. All the 4 aggregate storage units serve the inclined feeding belt able to feed the two mixers of the plant, providing a wide range of choices in terms of mixing solutions. The four steel silos, with a total capacity of 440 m³ of storage for cement, fly ash and silica fume and equipped with single discharging opening, can easily transport the powders inside the two independent cement scales.

The plant is equipped with a reliable state-of-the-art concrete distribution system using two flying buckets, capable of delivering up to 240 m/min, served by two high intensive output twin shaft mixer 3,750/2,500 with an output capacity of 2.5 m³ per cycle: every mixer is equipped with two discharging gates in order to serve all the buckets operating in the facility and the system can guarantee a high level of flexibility and quality concrete production. The mixing section includes dedicated cement scales and water dosing systems for each mixer. The flying buckets move on a double rail track system with a total length of over 600m (with possibility of further expansion), helping the distribution of the material to all the fours halls of the production facility through the casting machine. No. 2 units of automatic casting machine complete the distribution system, allowing the delivery of the material to the different molds all over the factory. The overall plant equipment supplied to Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd is equipped with the new integrated software solution in Korean language, CompuNet, MCT software developed entirely in-house, that manages the whole process: dosing, batching, mixing, transporting and casting.

MCT Italy shapes Jisan dreams

We strongly believe in the advantages of precast concrete construction because of the high quality, lower maintenance costs, and durability,” Mr. Han ByungMin, Jisan General Manager explains. Strong partner for long-term cooperation MCT Italy, through the local support of Mr. Oh from Hanin corporation, has worked closely together with Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd throughout the project, offering consultation and advices regarding all aspects in the building of a completely new facility and organization in a new market area. “When you are choosing a supplier for new precast equipment, it is essential to choose a strong, experienced firm with a specialized organization for continuous cooperation. After we got up to full speed with negotiations with MCT Italy, and our technical & consultant engineers supported us in comparing different suppliers, the contract was prepared in a very short time,” adds Mr. Han ByungMin. “We got excellent feedback from MCT Italy regarding the business environment. They supported our specialized team and consultants, by networking with worldwide experts and development teams, strengthening our first steps in the construction industry with successful precast solutions for the South Korea market” says Kim HyeongSeok.

Jisan Engineering believes in long-lasting partnership

MCT Italy‘s South Korea Sales Director Falchetti Gabriele says that the precast plant MCT has delivered is not the first of its kind delivered in South Korea, but in this case the level of automation is extremely high. “In this part of the world, there is an increasing demand for special precast elements utilizing the latest general of special concrete. Precast technology can offer an excellent solution for this. At MCT Italy, we help our customers adapting to the changing environment and to new business opportunities throughout the project,” Falchetti explains.

A precast plant is a long-term investment so there has to be room for flexibility, even in the unknown future. “We want to offer our customers all of our 54 years’ experience & skills, professional networks, and the most flexible service available in the industry,” Mr. Oh from the MCT local team adds. These include services that enable customers to renew and maintain their skills, tools, and know-how during the production line’s lifetime. Soon after the start of the production the interest in the South Korean market was rising and Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd made his plans real, deciding to make the next step by investing into a fully automated system for walls and hollow core production.


MCT Italy S.r.l.

Via Perugia 105

06084 Bettona, Italy

+39 075 988551" >

Jisan Engineering C. Ltd.

18 64Beon-Gil Gwangok-Ro

Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

16972 South Korea


Hanin S.I. Corp.

#817, Hosu Green, 8-38

Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

10401 South Korea" >


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