Spanish construction company relies on beam molds
of Tecnocom

Hormipresa is a leading company in the field of industrial prefabrication of precast concrete elements for the industrial and residential construction sectors. The company based in Tarragona was founded in 1972 and provides its customers in Spain and France with a wide range of high-quality products. In the course of time, the company has primarily specialized in the production of beams, columns, and wall elements. The prefabricated buildings, moreover, have been granted with a lot of quality certifications. With its subsidiaries in various regions of Spain, the company has a total workforce of more than 150 technically specialized people.

Not long ago, in the context of an expansion of their Tarragona facility, the Spanish company has again decided to cooperate with the long-term partner Tecnocom. Tecnocom, a company of the Progress Group, is specialized in systems for the prefabrication in the precast concrete industry and has more than 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of molds. The production site of Hormipresa in Catalonia is primarily focusing on the production of elements for large prefabricated industrial buildings. The company‘s objective was to invest in an automated and highly flexible plant allowing the production of beams in various sizes. More specifically, it is an impressive mold for the production of beams in sections that can be individually adjusted along an overall length of 63 m. This special mold is an appropriate solution for the high demands of a leading company like Hormipresa in order to ensure a flexible production of precast concrete elements used for numerous residential and industrial buildings in the best possible way in future as well.

High load-bearing capacities in combination with considerable spans

„Many of our plants were developed by Tecnocom,“ states Ramon Mullerat, purchasing manager of Hormipresa. „Tecnocom with all its experience and its know-how represents for us our vision of an industrial reality.“ The essential motivation for the investment decision was the need to maintain the competitiveness in a market, increasingly demanding faster production times. „We have limited production areas, however, have to manufacture large quantities of products in various sizes so as to remain competitive in the market. The competitors often make use of several production sites and a larger number of machines,“ Mullerat points out. The Tecnocom technology is a suitable solution here: An automated mold system allowing the production of beams in different sections as quickly as possible, thus optimizing the production times.

Hormipresa products offer very high load-bearing capacities in combination with considerable spans. The company is very satisfied with the current market situation and will be ready to meet new challenges in the future: „Based on the current orders, we are working at 75 % of our potential this year, but there are good chances that we will reach 100 % in the near future. An important component in this respect is the positive collaboration with Tecnocom, supporting Hormipresa as a reliable partner with their experience in the construction of individually tailored machines, thus making production processes as efficient as possible. The great number of incoming orders and the continuous customer satisfaction underline the plausibility of this investment and are the basis for continuing our successful partnership.“

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43810 El Pla de Santa María
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Tecnocom S.p.A.
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